Varlaeus Aldrethi
Varlaeus (Lachance) Aldrethi
Status Alive
Biographical Information
Age 200
Birthdate 4th of First Seed
Birthsign The Lord
Birthplace Imperial City, Cyrodiil
Residence Whiterun, Skyrim
Alias "Varl"
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Physical Information
Race Half Dunmer/ Half Imperial
Sex & Gender Male
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Eye Colour Red
Afflictions None
Family Information
Mother Hyascinthe
Father Lucien Lachance
Siblings None
Significant Other (s) N/A
Other Wolgar - Friend
Career Information
Affiliation None
Occupation Mercenary and Blacksmith
Gear Ebony Greatsword, Heavy Armor
Player Information
Player Requiem
Face Claim N/A
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