“Ya still stand 'cause I said so!"

Glingaereth' agarwaen'eleth 'e'ath belegur 'a naurawarth Everstead
Status Alive
Biographical Information
Age 91
Birthdate 25th of Midyear
Birthsign The Steed
Birthplace Somewhere between Black Masrh and Morrowind
Residence Whiterun Hold, Skyrim
Alias Bic, Fanaeria Hilfron, Vanya Dawntracker (current)
Sexual Orientation Undecided
Physical Information
Race Mixed elf (Dunmer father, Bosmer mother)
Sex & Gender Female
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Purple
Afflictions None
Family Information
Mother Borwen Everstead
Father Avexakir Everstead
Siblings None
Significant Other (s) Carenenre Hilfron (ex-husband, Thalmor (alive))
Other Tissamsi Everstead (aunt, dead)

Minegoth Dawntracker (uncle, dead)

Career Information
Affiliation Imperial Legion (formerly)
Occupation Merchant, Entertainer, Healer,
Gear Of note:
  • Short swords
  • Amulet of Akatosh
Player Information
Player Lesk
Face Claim N/A
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