Art by Slip
Status Alive
Biographical Information
Age 19
Birthdate 3rd of Hearthfire, 4E 182
Birthsign The Lady
Birthplace Skingrad, Cyrodiil
Residence Wandering Skyrim
Alias None
Sexual Orientation Undecided
Physical Information
Race Redguard
Sex & Gender Male
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Blue
Afflictions None
Family Information
Mother Atalana
Father Jakov Tiraso
Siblings Albel
Significant Other (s) None
Other Tarron Rathrend Redoran, Maternal Grandfather
Career Information
Affiliation Church of Julianos
Occupation Acolyte of Julianos
Gear Imperial Bow
Leather Armor
Amulet of Julianos
Player Information
Player Slip
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A young and naive Redguard, hailing from Cyrodiil. Tajik is in training to become a priest of Julianos, and as such is something of a scholar. With a natural knack for languages, he's made the pursuit of Dragon language one of his goals, and is out to discover if there's any truth to its existence.

Naive to the last, he's a well-meaning but somewhat emotional lad, with a good nature and a quick temper. He tends to trust too easily, and his noble upbringing leaves him unprepared for those that would take advantage of this.

He has Dunmer heritage via his grandfather, Tarron Rathrend Redoran, and is a bastard son of a Cyrodiil noble. Recently arrived in Skyrim and with a tendency to get himself into trouble, it's a wonder he's lasted this long.


None of note yet.


A Delicate Siduation - After finding a slaughtered group a bandits, Tajik's attempts at funeral rites land him in a trap.
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A Quiet Night - Tajik's mouth gets him in trouble with a much wiser Khajiit, and gets him on the wrong end of Skooma.
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A Shot in the Dark - Caught in the mountains in a storm, Tajik finds himself in somewhat unexpected company.
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