“Perhaps quoting the stereotypical antagonist would bring solace in your all consuming thanatophobia."

Solange Arthel
"You shall die, old and alone. A shadow of the future you never had."
Status Alive (Undead)
Biographical Information
Age 223
Birthdate 9th of Heartfire
Birthsign The Lady
Birthplace West Weald region of Cyrodiil
Residence Falkreath Sanctuary, Falkreath
Alias Seri, Vinnie
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Physical Information
Race Breton (vampire)
Sex & Gender Female
Hair Colour Auburn
Eye Colour Grey
Afflictions Porphyric Hemophilia (Berne Clan)
Family Information
Mother Fasette Arthel (dead)
Father Bovkin Arthel (dead)
Siblings Enora Le Henaff (half-sister, dead)

Mihael (brother, dead) Alexandre ((great nephew, dead) Gwendolyn ((great-great niece, alive) Charon (great-great niece, vampire) Gonlot (great-great nephew, alive)

Significant Other (s) N/A
Other Vicente Valtieri (sire, dead)
Career Information
Affiliation Dark Brotherhood
Occupation Assassin


Gear Worth noting:
  • Several daggers
  • Leather boots
  • A gold necklace
  • Traveling gear
  • Torture tools
Player Information
Player Lesk
Face Claim None
Profile Link

Always a child of Sithis, this Breton bares no love for maternal figures, never had. In an unrelated note...the seer has a great singing voice, both beautiful and haunting befitting the woman’s mysterious nature.

Seri is a native from Cryodiil, at least that is the assumption. She wanders Skyrim to find purpose again; centuries of existence having left her in a state melancholy.

"You are very easy to read, 'ser. But the book is boring. Leave."