Sievan Blackstone
Stuck between two worlds.
Status Alive
Biographical Information
Age 19
Birthdate 28th of Hearth Fire
Birthsign The Lady
Birthplace Windhelm, Skyrim
Residence Grey Quarter in Windhelm, Skyrim
Alias Seev, Seevy, "Sodding Grey-Skin!"
Sexual Orientation Bisexual with equal attraction to both genders
Physical Information
Race Dunmer with Nord ancestry
Sex & Gender Male
Hair Colour Reddish-Brown
Eye Colour Red
Afflictions Depression
Family Information
Mother Eralane Black-Stone (deceased)
Father Jorg Black-Stone (deceased)
Siblings None
Significant Other (s) None
Other Uncle (Balis, Dunmer), Grandparents (Ervas & Dula)
Career Information
Affiliation Trying to join the Stormcloaks.
Occupation None yet.
Gear Two scimitars (purchased when he wound up in Hammerfell), longbow, and a set of cheap fur armour.
Player Information
Player Crimea River
Face Claim N/A
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