Lazare Todde
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Kill them with secret murder.
Status Alive. Mostly.
Biographical Information
Age 296
Birthdate 14 Evening Star
Birthsign The Thief
Birthplace Northpoint, High Rock
Residence Solitude, Skyrim
Alias Tod
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Physical Information
Race Breton
Sex & Gender Male
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Vampiric red
Afflictions Sanguinare Vampiris
Family Information
Mother Georgine Todde
Father Alain Todde
Siblings Helene Todde
Significant Other (s) None
Other None
Career Information
Affiliation Morag Tong
Occupation Handy-man, tutor, 'retired' assassin
Gear Body knives, leather armor, a kukiri/machete sword, a seax knife, recurve bow and steel arrows
Player Information
Player KayJay
Face Claim Original Character -- Skyrim
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• Lazare Todde is born in Northpoint, High Rock
• The Todde family relocated to the Imperial City to allow Alain Todde to attend the Arcane University.
• Lazare is apprenticed to a Breton diplomat and accompanies him to Vivec City, Vvardenfell, in Morrowind.
• Four months after arriving, he finds the Morag Tong and is accepted into their ranks.
• Lazare breaks peacefully with the Morag Tong and returns to Cyrodiil.
• He spends a year wandering the country.
• Leaves Cyrodiil for High Rock.
• He spends two years there.
3E410 - 3E413
• Spent wandering about the nations of Tamriel
• Returns to the Imperial City; lives there until the year 415.
• Contracts sanguinare vampiris in 3E414.
• Returns to Morrowind, and mends his ties with the Morag Tong; he is welcomed back into their fold as a new associate.
• Breaks from the Morag Tong once more; permanently this time.
3E426 - 4E162
• Spent wandering Tamriel, spending time in all nations.
• Lives in Solitude, making a living as a handy-man and sometimes tutor.