"I don't trust you."
Status Alive
Biographical Information
Age 28
Birthdate 17th Second Seed
Birthsign The Shadow
Birthplace Skyrim, near Falkreath
Residence Wanderer
Alias N/A
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Physical Information
Race Khajiit
Sex & Gender Male
Hair Colour Dark brown fur with tan highlights
Eye Colour Orange
Afflictions Sweet Tooth
Family Information
Mother Jo'shei (deceased)
Father S'Bahir
Siblings N/A
Significant Other (s) N/A
Other N/A
Career Information
Affiliation N/A, Freelance
Occupation Wanderer/Hunter
Gear One weak longbow and a quiver full of iron arrows. Old, battered, and badly-mended imperial armor that he took off of a half-rotted corpse in the wilderness.
Player Information
Player Weaver
Face Claim None
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  • 15th Last Seed: Released from Riften dungeon, disappears into the wilds.
  • 23rd Last Seed: Returns to Riften