Hjortr Oxlifter
"Look, I could snap you in half, but I'd rather we just came to an agreement."
Status Alive
Biographical Information
Age 36
Birthdate 5th Hearthfire
Birthsign The Lady
Birthplace Skyrim, in Markarth
Residence Whiterun, Jorrvaskr
Alias Ox
Sexual Orientation Bisexual (greatly prefers women)
Physical Information
Race Nord
Sex & Gender Male
Hair Colour Dark blond
Eye Colour Pale blue, almost silvery
Afflictions N/A
Family Information
Mother Kelda
Father Leifr Two-Gold (deceased)
Siblings Oddr Strongarm (older brother, deceased), Egil the Scholar (younger brother), Eirmar, Priestess of Dibella (younger sister)
Significant Other (s) N/A
Other N/A
Career Information
Affiliation The Companions
Occupation Mercenary
Gear A good set of steel armor (boots, bracers, and armor, but no helmet as he hates the loss of peripheral vision) and a two-handed steel battleaxe.
Player Information
Player Weaver
Face Claim None
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  • 25th Last Seed: Joins the Companions
  • 29th Last Seed: Meets Nólia