The Dunmer are the people of Morrowind in the North East of Tamriel. With skin in shades of ash, charcoal, slate, and dark green or blue along with piercing red eyes they are commonly referred to as Dark Elves. Originally they were known as the Chimer until a massive confrontation involving the daedra cursed them with their dark appearance. Adept at stealth combat, Dunmer specialize in sneaking and alchemy as well as alteration, Illusion, and destruction magic. They are also gifted with a resistance to fire as well as the ability to summon an aura of flames when under attack.

Physically resembling Altmer and Bosmer, the Dunmer are mistrusted and suspicious compaired to their Elven cousins, often accepting outsiders’ sterotypes of them so as not to cause trouble. Living in Morrowind, the Dunmer cities and fortresses are made from massive plants grown through the use of magic. The Dunmer live in divided clans under noble families that are consistently vying for power, gaining status through the assassination or humiliation of rivals.

Since the end of the Oblivion Crisis the Dunmer have come into hard times with multiple natural disasters decimating the lands of Morrowind, forcing much of the population to migrate to nearby Skyrim and the island of Solstheim. In Skyrim, the Dunmer first came to the city of Windhelm under Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak only to find heavy discrimination from the local Nords, believing any outsiders to be inferior and polluting to their culture.

Unlike the Altmer and Bosmer however, the Dunmer are not part of the Aldmeri Dominion. They are actually part of the Argonian State if they have chosen to remain in their homeland of Morrowind, now under Argonian control after the Great War. The Dunmer primarily worship through the Tribunal Temple’s three God-Kings of Morrowind. Certain Daedra and personal ancestors are also worshiped

Deities of note for the Dunmer include:

  • Almalexia
  • Vivec
  • Sotha SIl
  • Mephala
  • Boethiah
  • Azura
  • Lorkhan
  • Nerevar
  • Molag Bal
  • Malacath
  • Sheogorath
  • Mehrunes Dagon

Examples of Male Dunmer Names:

  • Athis
  • Erandur
  • Romlyn

Examples of Female Dunmer Names:

  • Brelyna
  • Jenassa
  • Medresi

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